“BugHerd probably saves us at least 3-4hrs per week.” – Emily, Web Director @ Bop Design
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Reclaim 2-3 costly hours of follow-up time with BugHerd!

BugHerd makes gathering and managing website feedback a breeze. It'll save you tons of time and effort – simply point and click on the page to give your feedback. Streamline communication, improve QA and track progress for faster and better web development!

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Don't waste time wading through unclear, unactionable feedback.

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Agencies in over 120 countries are delivering best-in-class client experiences with BugHerd.

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Why choose BugHerd

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👩‍💻 Simple to set up

Install BugHerd with either a browser extension or Javascript snippet.

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🤌 Easy for team and clients

Simply point and click on website elements or record a video on the screen for more complex feedback.

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✅ Actionable & clear

Get all the info your team needs to fix bugs such as browser info, OS etc. right where the issue happened.

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🙌 Complete all-in-one solution

Manage your tasks through to completion via the Task Board – BugHerd's in-app kanban.

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🔀 Handy integrations

Integrate with your favourite project management tools such as Jira, Trello and Asana.

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