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Point and click feedback, with all the features...

Contextualise feedback

Get direct feedback

Request visual feedback from clients and teams via the point and click browser extension.

Feedback is pinned to the issue, like a sticky-note, enabling direct access at any time on the page you're working on.

Find exactly what you’re looking for

Save time with all the info

Get changes and approvals done fast. Forget going back to the client for more info.

Contextual feedback is sent complete with screenshots, browser, OS & CSS selector data and more.  

Keep your team on track

Collaborate remotely

No matter where they work, get feedback from clients and team members remotely.

No more confusing back and forth emails with multiple change requests. Feedback is sent directly to the kanban board.

All I need to do is to simply point, click a specific website area, and write a comment. Voilà!
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Mary Williams,
Graphic Designer
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