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Sometimes it's easier to watch and learn. You can view some of our FAQs answered in the videos below.

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What your client can see when invited to BugHerd

BugHerd makes it easy to track bugs and collect visual feedback from non-technical people. However, we're often asked what guests and clients can see when invited to use our software. See what they can see in this video...

Account access and visibility of BugHerd projects

When it comes to BugHerd projects, you have full privacy control over exactly what clients and users can see. You don’t need to worry about people seeing sensitive info unless you want them to! Find out more...

How to use BugHerd on a mobile

BugHerd is primarily designed for desktop websites, but you can still use it for mobile sites as well. It’s super easy to set up, we show you how in this video...

How to export bugs out of BugHerd

Grab a hardcopy of all the bug reports, feedback and projects that have been completed, either for your own records, or as part of a client report. BugHerd makes it super easy to export entire projects into one handy file. Here's how...

How to give website feedback as a guest user on BugHerd

Any time you visit a site with BugHerd on it, you'll see our handy sidebar. It's super easy to give great visual feedback, watch the video to find learn more...

How to share BugHerd projects with guests and team members

Sharing is caring! Sharing projects with your clients (guests) and new team members to give visual feedback and track bugs on websites is super easy, find out how...

How to add a custom logo to your BugHerd project

Available on the Premium plan and above, you have the option to replace the BugHerd logo with your own. It will replace the our logo with yours, throughout the app and all the emails we send. Here's how...

How to manage your BugHerd notifications

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