Manage Website Content With Ease

Need to frequently update your website, campaign landing pages and marketing collateral?

BugHerd makes it simple to highlight and track website content changes, for quick and easy turnarounds.

Whether you work with a content creation agency or in-house, BugHerd makes it easy to give and get feedback on your website content marketing and marketing assets.

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Why BugHerd makes a great content marketing tool

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Control content changes.

BugHerd lets you pin feedback and content changes to the webpage, right where you want changes made. With a simple point and click, you can highlight content you want changed, and suggest an alternative.

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Technical information for clearer feedback.

Each piece of feedback in BugHerd includes a screen capture of the page and pin location, and information such as browser and operating system and CSS selector data, so your content creator knows exactly how to solve any issues.

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Collect and manage content changes in one place.

Website and content changes are sent directly to BugHerd’s kanban-style Task Board. Here they can be tracked and managed to completion.

Our customers say the nicest things!

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"BugHerd is a visual feedback tool for websites which made the dev process dramatically faster. Great tool for SEOs to be aware of."

Brodie Clark,
SEO Consultant

Your questions answered about BugHerd

BugHerd collects visual feedback, complete with a screenshot, annotation and metadata, making it a great tool for website content writing and reviewing. 

BugHerd offers an all-in-one solution for tracking and managing content feedback. The feedback is sent directly into BugHerd’s Task Board, a kanban-like environment for website content management teams to manage and act on the feedback.

Take a look at the list of the frequently asked questions (right) to get to know BugHerd better.

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Does BugHerd help with a website content audit?
Once you’ve run your website through a content audit tool, you can use BugHerd to mark up the changes that need to be made to the website. Suggest content changes, re-write text, or point out where keywords need to be included.
Do I need to install anything?
There’s two ways to set BugHerd up to get feedback on a website. You can embed a JavaScript snippet into the “head” of your website or you can install a browser extension to your preferred browser.
Where is the feedback sent?
BugHerd turns the feedback provided into tasks on a kanban style Task Board. Using the Task Board, you can sort, assign and track tasks to completion.
Can I use BugHerd to help boost SEO?
BugHerd is an easy way to mark up website pages that are performing poorly for SEO. You can simply point out where keywords need to be included and where extra content needs to be added. Make suggestions for text and content changes to really boost SEO performance for a page.
How to change website content very regularly

BugHerd makes it simple to manage changes in website content as often as you require. Simply point-and-click on the section of content you want to give feedback on, then type in the changes you’d like made. BugHerd sends the feedback to your content writers, where the changes can be completed.

Can I integrate BugHerd with existing tools?
BugHerd integrates natively with Slack, GitHub and Wordpress. Using Zapier or Integromat, you can integrate BugHerd with thousands of other tools, including Jira, Asana, Trello and many other project management tools.