Visual Feedback on Content Marketing

Get website and content changes approved lightning fast with point and click feedback.
It’s like sticky notes on a website.

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Great customer feedback to improve your content marketing

Website Bug Tracking Tool

Easily capture client feedback on visual content and copy

Embeddable via JS script or browser extension. Users click on an page element to log feedback instantaneously.

The content feedback will be pinned to the image or text, like a sticky-note, enabling access from the page at any time.

Website Collaboration Tool BugHerd

Deep technical info to pass onto your Devs and Designers

Spend less time trying to explain changes on screenshots or via emails and phone calls.

The contextual feedback from the webpage is sent directly to a task management board complete with screenshots and metadata for your Devs to fix.

Manage Projects Remotely with BugHerd

You're in control of content changes and urgency

The BugHerd sidebar gives you the power of a fully-featured content feedback tool.  

You can change the task ownership, status, due date, attach files or comment directly on the page. Allowing everyone to manage feedback remotely.

Forget sending your copy and design content via emails for feedback. Invite your customers and team to provide visual feedback on your webpages with BugHerd.

Collect marketing feedback on your website draft pages with our visual feedback tool, or invite customers to submit feedback on the live site with the public feedback tab.

Ashley Shaw Lightspeed Development
- Chris Uzzo
CEO and Founder of Zero Gravity Marketing
Compared with sending back and forth emails, our new process has easily improved efficiency by more than 25%.

Using the public feedback button (via JS install) allows Zero Gravity’s clients to provide feedback without having to login or be invited. This means that there is next to no training required to get clients on board!

Turn confusing feedback...

Client feedback in emails

Into visual and actionable feedback on content...

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