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Get visual. Forget vague design feedback.

Banish vague design feedback, email trails and spreadsheets forever. BugHerd is an Asana alternative that allows you to collect and manage visual  feedback without the hassle. Even from non-technical folk.

Like putting a sticky-note on a website, BugHerd pins actionable, contextual feedback complete with metadata (like a screenshot) directly to the page.

BugHerd Visual Website Feedback

From confusing notes...

Client feedback in emails

To clear feedback

BugHerd Bug Tracking Task Screenshot

A complete solution, without any compromise.
No other software required.

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All in one solution

Capture and manage feedback from start to finish within BugHerd. No need to pay for and maintain multiple tools.

Contextual feedback

Like using a sticky-note, BugHerd pins the feedback (and comments) directly onto the page element in question.

Team pricing

Don't pay per user, per month. Access premium features for less.

Automatic screenshots (without a browser extension)

The only feedback tool that captures accurate screenshots, without the need for browser extensions or a mobile install.

Annotation Tool

Need to add more context? No worries, users can annotate feedback screenshots to give even more detail.

Integrate with your favourite tools

Want to send your feedback or bugs to an external project management system? No problemo! We integrate with more than 1500 apps via Zapier.

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Chris Uzzo Zero Gravity Marketing
Chris Uzzo
CEO and Founder of Zero Gravity Marketing
"Compared with sending back & forth emails, our new process has easily improved efficiency by more than 25%."

Using the public feedback button (via JS install) allows Zero Gravity’s clients to provide visual feedback without having to login or be invited. This means next to no training required to get feedback on designs.

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Great way to report and track bugs!  BugHerd has really been stepping up their game with constant improvements and new features!  Love that it is so actively developed now!
Agency Manager
John Hendrix
Keep up the awesome work, this app rocks!
Agency Manager
Daniel Beucher, Product Manager
Works well for our team which includes people on the lesser end of tech ability, and the Slack integration is very useful for us.  The way that it links issues to pins and images without needing to screen capture manually is cool.
Agency Manager
Daniel Beucher, Product Manager
Keep up the awesome work, this app rocks!
Agency Manager
Daniel Beucher, Product Manager

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