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How To Write An A+ Website Design Brief

Clear communication with your web designer is critical to getting a website that you (and your customers) love. We’re all about making the feedback and QA process of building a website easier at BugHerd, but the design briefing stage can be rife with back and forth miscommunication and loaded with lots of “make it pop” type statements. A great design brief can mean the difference between getting a great website on time and in budget or blowing out the project entirely. These are our suggestions on what to include for an A+ briefing experience between you and your designer for your next website build.

Our top nerdy Zoom virtual backgrounds

We’re stuck at home, so we may as well fake the location. Millions of folk the world over are adjusting to a new life of remote working. It’s pretty obvious that a huge winner in the SaaS space is web conferencing tool Zoom. These are some of our fave virtual background options...

5 Easy Productivity Hacks

Getting the most out of every workday can be hard. Whether you work remotely from the spare room at home, or a busy corporate open-plan office, creating a space where you can just get on with things isn’t always easy to do. Let’s explore some ways to avoid getting stuck in a quagmire or distractions and avoid the more unproductive workdays. These are our productivity hacks for distraction-free working...