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How to submit the perfect bug report

“Our website is broken! Please fix it right away, we’re losing business!” I’m sure that every Dev or Designer has had a client or PM who has asked them to set everything aside to fix their ‘broken website’ . “It’s...

The 2015 BugHerder Survey Results

First of all, thank you everyone who filled in our survey. We had more than 150 responses which gives us an excellent snapshot of how you use Bugherd for bug and issue tracking and where our product / market fit...

The bug tracker says “Done” … but what is Done?

Imagine, if you will, working in a software company. Now, imagine you work in the customer support team, and it’s your job to take customer feedback, log bugs for the dev team and communicate with the customer once things are fixed. Let’s...

How Thoughtbubble reduced their feedback loop by 60%.

We’re such happy little vegemites to be able to work with such amazing customers from around the globe. We track bugs and collect client feedback from every continent except Antarctica (Looking at you Mcurdo Station!). It’s pretty cool!

Featured client – Kiwi Digital Creative

Kiwi Digital Creative is a small but mighty digital agency specialising in websites, web applications, mobile apps and creative digital projects. We spoke with Phil Benoit from KiwiDC about how BugHerd fits into their web project management process.

Featured Client – Bigfish Creative Group

We love finding out about the development processes that our clients’ go through with their teams and clients. Even more so when that process includes the use of BugHerd. We spoke with Brett Pollett from Bigfish Creative Group about the...

Featured Client – Evolution 7

This month’s featured client is a long standing BugHerd customer who have been incredibly helpful to us when we want to sense check new features and enhancements and always provide us with excellent client feedback.

Featured Client – twenty4

We’ve noticed that we have an incredible community of BugHerders that are always eager to offer each other support with technical questions, general product info and sharing the love. So we’ve decided to create a space for our clients to...