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Being a startup we often get asked which startups we think will blow up. By blow up I mean get big, not spontaneously combust. Here’s our current picks:


Ifttt stands for ‘if this then that’ and is a crazy useful service. It basically allows you to automate web tasks without writing a line of code. For example I could ask it to backup all my Instagram photos to Dropbox or SMS me to wear a jacket when the weather is below 10 degrees. There are literally millions of tasks you could automate with ifttt and best of all it’s currently free.



Intercom is a CRM designed for SaaS companies like BugHerd. Simply push all your customer data to your Intercom account and you’re up and running. We currently use Intercom mainly to manage customer groups and feature requests but the most interesting features are the communication tools. Intercom lets you email customers of course but it also lets you pop up little messages right inside your web app. Very useful for things like product announcements.



ScriptRock is an Australian startup that automates system configuration tests. All that techy stuff like user accounts, permissions, config files, directories and connectivity that needs to be loaded during system tests is managed by ScriptRock. Just load your data, let it run and view the results. We can see big things in store for these guys.



Buffer is the most useful social media tool around. Buffer makes it really easy to share interesting content you find on the web. See something useful, buffer it, decide when to share it and which networks (Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn) to share it to. Buffer also includes some pretty powerful reporting for analysing the reach of your updates.



We share an office with these guys so we’re a little biased but Paydirt is a seriously sweet time tracking and invoicing tool. The niftiest thing with Paydirt is it actually tracks what you’re doing and suggests how to log the time. Answering an email from a client? Paydirt will popup and ask if you’re working on that client. The invoicing is nice and simple too, it’s a great tool for freelancers and small teams.


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