Basics of Online Growth Marketing

Whether you’re a small business owner, startup founder or freelancer you’ll how hard it is to get your brand out there. These are our top things to think about when getting started with online growth marketing for your brand or startup.

✨ Happy Holidays ✨

Thanks for being part of a super successful 2019 and we hope you have a wonderful festive season, wherever and however you celebrate. See you in 2020! 💙

Why customer support shouldn’t be limited to one person

Customer support shouldn't be limited to just one person. Solving problems for your customers shouldn't be limited to one team member, in fact it's a surefire way to reduce empathy for customer problems within the rest of the team. Here's why we think you should aim to get your entire team onto solving customer's problems...

Introducing Splitrock Studio

A lot has changed at BugHerd, and we wanted to get you up to date with some important changes. Recently BugHerd’s parent company, Macropod Software Pty Ltd, has changed name to Splitrock Studio Pty Ltd. Find out what this means for BugHerd customers and for our future.

The key to better client relationships

The relationship between client and agency can be volatile. Crazy deadlines, organisational pressure, budget limitations and long hours can all contribute to an emotionally charged environment. Making these relationships work is the key to a successful agency and general workplace sanity. So, why can it be so difficult and how can we build more effective relationships? Find out more...

BugHerd + Zapier = 💯

You can connect BugHerd with 1,500+ other apps. We've updated our Zapier app with more triggers & actions than ever before. It's now super fast, reliable and simplified.

How do you migrate from Backbone/ERB to React?

BugHerd has survived for nine years as a successful SaaS product built using Backbone, jQuery and Rails. Over that time, it's been relatively easy to ignore new technology in favour of stability (and there was a period of inactive development)...

Tools that make BugHerd better

There are some products, that are exceptional at helping us build our software and do our jobs more effectively. These are some of the products we absolutely love, recommend and want to encourage others to try. Our visual feedback tool wouldn’t be what it is today without them....