Meet Nathan: Macropod Technical Lead

Nathan is one of the first employees at Macropod. Starting off as a programmer with a passion for the dev environment and an annoying amount of natural talent, Nathan has swiftly risen to any challenges we’ve thrown at him, recently earning him the spot of “technical lead”. A private person, it was tough getting Nathan to share personal details and we’re still not sure if this is one big troll, but you can decide for yourself 😉 .

Meet Nathan …

Nathan MacropodWhat’s your short story?

I’ve lived my life here in Melbourne tinkering with computers for as long as I can remember. I’ve been hacking away on things as a hobby since forever and then one day found that somebody would pay me for doing what I do for fun! Yay life!

How long have you been in the biz, how did you get into it?

I saw the inside of a computer in primary school and always wanted one of my own. Since then I’ve been pulling them apart, building them and servicing them (including professionally) and occasionally doing both helpful and nefarious things with them. Turns out computers are actually pretty useful for doing real work as well. I’ve been at macropod for 3 years now (suckers!)

What do you enjoy most about being a dev?

I get to build things. I get to break things and then fix them. I get to help other people fix things. I get to work with a bunch of people that know their shit and learn from them (and sometimes teach them too). It’s pretty awesome to get paid to come to work and have it be just doing what I’d probably be doing anyway.

Anything you dislike?

I dislike it when people don’t understand that I am a people person. And anything related legacy systems.

Why did you want to work at Macropod?

I’m pretty sure that I hold the record for worst job interview ever. I practically told Matt and Alan they shouldn’t hire me but they hired me anyway, so I was kinda surprised when they offered me a job. It’s pretty great that there’s a place for people like me to do the things we do.

Grand plans for your career?

I plan on working on Bugherd and other Macropod stuff for a few more years. After that I’ll probably start my own startup that somehow combines beer, video games and food in a subscription service.

What is your favourite industry site to surf?


If you weren’t doing this job what would you be doing?

I’d think there’d be a farm involved somehow, except I can’t drive a tractor…. so probably just playing video games a lot.

What are you famous for?

Once I was on the front cover of BMEZINE (NSFW)

You can contact Nathan via Twitter @ncreen_same, to share your love of Maine Coones or to ask him why Hackers is his favourite movie (trololol).

About Chanie - Chanie has been working to grow startups for more than 8 years. As one of the first hires at BugHerd, Chanie was instrumental in the companies' early success. Once the Head of Marketing for Australia's largest startup accelerator (BlueChilli), Chanie mentors and guides many small businesses through growth marketing strategy, including being back at BugHerd!

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