Meet Jessica: Macropod Frontend Dev

Introducing Jessica, one of our extremely talented front-end dev team. Jess is responsible for all things user-experience related and is our main go-to gal for trouble shooting site issues. Joining the team a little over 6 months ago, Jess has had the opportunity to work across all of our products and their relevant sites. A lover of all things purple and sparkly, we couldn’t imagine the team without her.

Meet Jess…

Jessica StokesHow long have you been in the biz?

I’m originally from Perth, I moved to Melbourne a few years ago in pursuit of better career options. Java dev? TAFE graduate? 8 years of experience? You’ll do well in WA. No such luck. I’ve been programming professionally since 2010, but I’ve been tinkering with it way longer. I had some grasp of HTML in the tail-end of primary school, but I think my first “real” programming experience was messing with the innards of games on my graphics calculator in high school. Many a physics class was spent by using the new equations to draw stuff to try and figure out what was going on!

Describe your role?

Most of my work would fall under the tag of “frontend developer” but I’m also co-caretaker of Macropod Components with James, and give lots of input on proposed user interface changes.

What do you enjoy most about being a dev?

I enjoy the tinkering, honestly! I enjoy iterating until something feels right. I like that with tech and programming you get that freedom in a (usually!) nondestructive way.

Anything you dislike?

How difficult it sometimes is to enact change to processes and mindsets. As an industry we seem eager to jump to a new framework or technology, but we rarely pay attention to things like accessibility.

What brings you to Macropod?

I wanted a better environment, really. I’d gone from a tiny (2-3 person) web dev shop, to a big design agency, to a medium-sized video startup and found it pretty difficult to fit in at any of them. Lots of drinking culture and machismo which as a woman in the industry was hard to stomach sometimes. Macropod is a much, much nicer place to work, everyone’s lovely and there’s none of that pressure to be some particular type of person (other than “nice,” I guess!).

Grand plans for the future?

I’d really like to do some travel. I’ve been meaning to check out Europe, hopefully meet some relatives over in Italy. Canada and Japan are also on my list. In terms of career, I’d like to keep working on cool things, whatever shape that may take!

What industry sites do you love to surf?

I often check out GitHub’s list of trending repositories. Cool stuff generally tends to bubble to the top of that.

If you weren’t a dev, what would you be doing?

It’s something I’ve thought about a lot as I’ve tried to get a footing in the tech industry and wondered if it was worth persisting at. I still don’t think I have a good answer!

What are you famous for?

Many, many selfies, and creatively (ab)using esoteric bits of the Twitter platform to flirt with (consenting) cuties.

You can find Jess on Twitter @tickyGitLab or GitHub to chat about the latest projects she’s tinkering with, or where to find the best coffee in Italy.

About Chanie - Chanie has been working to grow startups for more than 8 years. As one of the first hires at BugHerd, Chanie was instrumental in the companies' early success. Once the Head of Marketing for Australia's largest startup accelerator (BlueChilli), Chanie mentors and guides many small businesses through growth marketing strategy, including being back at BugHerd!

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