Meet Dan: Macropod Account Manager

In his role of Macropod “Account Manager” (we were hoping he’d go with Customer Service Evangelist or Senior Happiness Hero) the majority of our customers will be lucky enough to chat with Dan from time to time. Dan has been around Macropod (then Bugherd) for around 2 years and we’re afraid to say that he’s still loving his job, despite our best intentions to thwart his plans by making him do social media.

We thought it best our customers have some dirt on him, forewarned is forearmed yes?

Meet Dan …

Macropod customer account managerHow long have you been in the biz?

I’ve been working various Support style roles for about 14 years now …

Wow, you know I never actually really paid attention to how long I’ve been doing this for until now. I’m actually pretty impressed! I’ve spent that time “collecting” various dot coms of various sizes – eBay, Yahoo, Seek, 99Designs, and a lot of others. I think I’ve been pretty fortunate in the experiences that I’ve managed to gather up in that time.

Why did you want to come and work with Macropod?

I’ve always enjoyed the “start-up” environment, and having known Alan before I started, I already knew a bit about the bug tracker BugHerd and all the great things the team was achieving, so I knew that I wanted to be a part of it!

What is your role within Macropod?

I pretty much have ownership over everything customer-related.

I get to talk to people who are thinking about using BugHerd and Stack and tell them how great they are, as well as learn from the people who use both to find ways that we can help improve the product for them and help them to achieve their goals. I also co-manage our social media, which has been … interesting.

Are Macropod clients very different to others you’ve managed?

Well for starters, they’re all a hell of a lot smarter than I am!

A lot of our customers are also start-ups and small companies, so I feel like we’re all on the same page, business-wise. It’s this great yin-yang feeling that we succeed by helping our customers succeed, and vice-versa!

What’s the biggest difference for you between corporate and startup land?

I think it’s accountability and trust.

When you’re in a large corporate environment, it’s easy to feel like a tiny cog in a huge machine, but then you come and join a start-up, and suddenly everything you do is so public and noticeable, and you’re put in charge of a lot of really important decisions – it’s a little terrifying sometimes, but also it’s amazingly satisfying. I feel like there are never enough hours in the day to do what I want accomplish!

Would you have any advice for those looking to switch from corporate to startup or visa versa?

I think adaptability is important.

I’ve made the switch a few times back and forth and I think you just need to be confident about applying your skills and making sure that your voice is heard. Regardless of which direction you’re switching to, you’ve clearly been hired for a reason! Don’t be afraid to shake things up!

Grand plans for the company?

I’m not sure what kind of bug-reporting software the team in charge of Mars Rover are using?

Forget about “working from home” being a job perk, I wanna work from Mars! NASA, you know how to reach me!

What is your favourite industry site to surf?

I’m a big fan of Mashable, or Mumbrella for the local content. KISSmetrics blog is constantly a source of ideas and inspiration. And when I’m in need of a good laugh, ClientsFromHell fills that requirement perfectly – anyone that’s worked at a design agency will both laugh and cringe at the familiarity.

If you weren’t doing this job what would you be doing?

I’d definitely be hanging out all day every day with Lucy, my 12 month old Ridgeback puppy. Then probably getting yelled at by my wife because playing with Lucy isn’t helping us pay off the mortgage!

You can hassle chat to Dan on twitter @danmedcraft or just give him a shout from within the app!

About Chanie - Chanie has been working to grow startups for more than 8 years. As one of the first hires at BugHerd, Chanie was instrumental in the companies' early success. Once the Head of Marketing for Australia's largest startup accelerator (BlueChilli), Chanie mentors and guides many small businesses through growth marketing strategy, including being back at BugHerd!

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