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Chanie joined Macropod as the 5th employee for Macropod (then Bugherd) and the first female and coincidentally non-bearded person to join the ranks. Taking care of literally all things Marketing, from SEO and SEM to Paid campaigns, PPC, Brand Management and website optimisation, Chanie has taken to the startup Marketing world like a kid in a candy store. It’s been extremely beneficial to Macropod to have employed a Marketing specialist so early on in the piece, even if she consistently requests to bring her cats to work. The answer is still no.

Meet Chanie …

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.25.10 pmHow long have you been in Marketing?

I started off in the world of traditional Marketing with a National Telecommunication company around 10 years ago with zero experience and a retail management background. Since then I’ve tried my hand at many positions such as product management, media buying, to come full circle back to Marketing. Around 5 years ago I decided I’d skill up into Digital Marketing which I thought was pretty exciting at the time since I’m quite the data geek.

I’m so glad I made that choice as I watch the print, TV and radio worlds decline or try and change to keep up or enter the digital landscape. Now I’m enjoying the autonomy of working with a startup, which has it’s own set of challenges both culturally and technologically.

Describe your role at Macropod? + challenges?

I’m the chief Marketing person here. It’s a fairly lean team with a bunch of devs, designers, a customer guy and founders. Originally, I was hired as more of a content producer due to my skills with writing about food (check out The Hungry Ginger – shameless plug). However, I’m more of an SEO and SEM specialist, which I’ve had the opportunity to really hone my skills in since I’ve been here. It’s been so fabulous to see how my many small implementations have panned out in our search results.

Since I also run our website optimisation, content strategy, marketing campaigns, analytics, PR, and share our social media and subscriber newsletter activity, it’s definitely a role that requires a “jack of all trades” skill-set with no room for statements such as “that’s not in my job description. Definitely refreshing in comparison to corporate life.

What do you enjoy most about working for a startup?

The ability to work closely with a team you wouldn’t normally even be on the same floor as. I love the casual vibe, the excitement we all share when we release something new and exciting and the pride of accomplishment when it all goes to plan.

Anything you dislike?

I struggled at the beginning with losing my data many times over and the fact that everything changes on a dime in startup land. Since then I’ve grown to embrace it and find my own way to revel in it. Having a small team can both be a blessing and a curse since there aren’t other Marketing folks to chew the fat with on new campaign ideas.

I dislike the term “growth hacker”.

Grand plans at Macropod?

That we all still have a job creating software in a couple of years or we’re rich cos we’ve sold to Google. That and to convince as many devs as I can that Marketing isn’t in fact the root of all evil.

What do you do for kicks/ or on the side?

I’m obsessed with quirky and fun sports. I have played roller derby for around 5 years, recently retiring to coach instead. I do aerial circus with the grace of a baby pelican but I absolutely love it. I spend most of my day lusting after my next meal and am a crazy cat lady, but so is everyone in this industry.

If you weren’t doing this job what would you be doing?

Teaching cats to run obstacle courses.

What are you famous for?

That time I almost ate 1.5 kilos of pork schnitzel.

My “old lady voice” and “old man whistle” abilities come a close 2nd and 3rd. I still don’t know why I’m not a millionaire.

You can connect with Chanie to discuss all things cats and food (or even Marketing) on twitter @thehungryginge.

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