Macropod Community Manager

We are looking for a Community Manager to work with us in Yarraville, Melbourne.

Does the following sound like you?

You’re an expert at handling all things social media. You excel at building online communities and present yourself in a friendly and open manner (i.e. you’re not likely to be mistaken for a lawyer). You have a love of tech and consider yourself a bit of a geek.

We currently have two people managing our social media accounts who really don’t know what they are doing. If they did, we’d have a far more engaged online community and we wouldn’t be solely focused on sharing shit about ourselves. You’ll take the reigns of our social media off these two so they can go back to winning at support and marketing. You’ll curate and write content for our website and start engaging with our community in a more meaningful (read measurable) way.

You’re able to head to tech events and rep the company tee with ease (see aforementioned lawyer comment). You’re the kind of person who can make friends with a paper bag but we’d prefer you’re great at talking to actual people. In fact, identifying groups of like-minded people and leveraging platforms to engage with them is your speciality.

You’re also pretty handy with monitoring and reporting tools (we currently use Hootsuite but the software world is your oyster). It’s a bonus if you’re a writing whiz, we’re not after Shakespeare but we value great content! If you can speak ‘developer’ you’re pretty much hired at this point.

Safe to say you’ll be able to work autonomously but we appreciate the kind of people who like to share. We consider people’s “goodness” a key influencer in hiring. You can find out more about what kind of company we are here.

We’re a software development company, the team is 13 strong, we have a fantastic coffee machine and excellent employee benefits including some of the most flexible personal and parental leave policies around. You’d be hard pressed to find a more flexible working environment, we work hard and love what we do and hope it shows.

If this sounds like an ideal job for you email our CEO Alan at

We can’t wait to meet you!

About Chanie - Chanie has been working to grow startups for more than 8 years. As one of the first hires at BugHerd, Chanie was instrumental in the companies' early success. Once the Head of Marketing for Australia's largest startup accelerator (BlueChilli), Chanie mentors and guides many small businesses through growth marketing strategy, including being back at BugHerd!

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