How we escaped Rails using Webpack and React.

In celebration of Camp JS next week, we thought you’d like to check out a talk at last years’ Camp from our very own Macropod developer Conrad Pankoff.

Setting off from deep inside the rails asset pipeline, join Conrad as he walks through the steps we took to modularise the Stack frontend code and throw off the shackles of rails using Webpack and React JS. Learn about exciting topics like refactoring, build tool wars, legacy compatibility, and interoperability with competing wetware solutions (read: designers).

Make sure you get tickets to the next Camp to see Conrad talk on “Go & JavaScript – Together at Last”. Go is in vogue right now and JavaScript is an unstoppable force. Learn about using the otto JavaScript interpreter to add JavaScript functionality to an existing Go application. Get tickets here.

Conrad also enjoys sunsets, long walks on the beach, and chilli dogs.

Find him on Twitter @deoxxa and Github:

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