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BugHerd 2020: Year in review

2020 was quite the year for many of us and it’s easy to overlook things as the year winds to a close. So, let’s take a quick trip through the new features in BugHerd to make sure you haven’t miss...

10 reasons to celebrate with BugHerd

If you hadn’t heard, Bugherd is celebrating 10 years of helping teams get valuable feedback on website designs, builds and content. So let’s party like we’re 10 years old! Normally in Australia we celebrate a 10th birthday with a party...

Improve the QA process with this simple bug reporting template

What is “done” when you’re referring to bug tracking? What’s “done” for one person in the QA process could be “in-progress” for another. Without a process in place, bug tracking can be a downright chore. It doesn’t take long for inconsistencies in reporting to lead to follow-up emails, bugs getting left behind and the QA process resembling more of a “free for all” than a defined system.

BugHerd + Zapier = 💯

You can connect BugHerd with 1,500+ other apps. We've updated our Zapier app with more triggers & actions than ever before. It's now super fast, reliable and simplified.

Pausefest 2016 – Creative & Tech

What started as a pretty small, niche digital and startup event a few years ago has expanded into a beast of an event in a relatively small amount of time. About 5 years ago I attended the first PauseFest which catered to...