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How do you migrate from Backbone/ERB to React?

BugHerd has survived for nine years as a successful SaaS product built using Backbone, jQuery and Rails. Over that time, it’s been relatively easy to ignore new technology in favour of stability (and there was a period of inactive development)…

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Annotation tools are important

Tools that make BugHerd better

There are some products, that are exceptional at helping us build our software and do our jobs more effectively.

These are some of the products we absolutely love, recommend and want to encourage others to try.

Our visual feedback tool wouldn’t be what it is today without them….

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Renewing our focus

We thought we should let you know about some changes in the BugHerd world. It has been a slow couple of years on the product

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Team members surrounded by virtual tasks

Why you should run a Bug Bash program

It may seem that bug testing is the sole responsibility of developers. But more and more, teams are finding that additional value can be extracted by involving the entire company. If the first real user of your product is a paying customer, you may have missed an opportunity to uncover issues in your software before it gets in their hands.

That’s where a company-wide Bug Bash can help.

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