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Our top nerdy Zoom virtual backgrounds

We’re stuck at home, so we may as well fake the location.

Millions of folk the world over are adjusting to a new life of remote working. It’s pretty obvious that a huge winner in the SaaS space is web conferencing tool Zoom.

These are some of our fave virtual background options…

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Designers thinking about new trends

The Five Types of Web Testing

Testing can be fundamental to providing a reliable experience to your users.

Everyone can take part in the web testing process. It doesn’t have to take deep technical knowledge to provide feedback on something that’s not behaving correctly or as expected.

Unit testing, for example, requires technical knowledge of the codebase, compared to accessibility testing which doesn’t. Both of these and more, are described in this blog by our Lead Developer James Coleman…

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Should Startup teams have a daily standup?

Should startup teams do daily standups?

A common ritual in software and startup teams is a daily, or weekly standup, huddle or scrum or whatever you wish to call it. It generally means the team (part or whole) has a designated time to all stand-up and communicate.

But why should you do a standup (or not)?

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The key to better client relationships

The relationship between client and agency can be volatile. Crazy deadlines, organisational pressure, budget limitations and long hours can all contribute to an emotionally charged environment.

Making these relationships work is the key to a successful agency and general workplace sanity. So, why can it be so difficult and how can we build more effective relationships?

Find out more…

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Why you should run a Bug Bash program

It may seem that bug testing is the sole responsibility of developers. But more and more, teams are finding that additional value can be extracted by involving the entire company. If the first real user of your product is a paying customer, you may have missed an opportunity to uncover issues in your software before it gets in their hands.

That’s where a company-wide Bug Bash can help.

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Bugherd Technology

Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

No matter what your industry or interest, it’s always important to make sure you stay up to date with what’s happening. Sometimes, working in the

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5 Easy Productivity Hacks

Getting the most out of every workday can be hard. Whether you work remotely from the spare room at home, or a busy corporate open-plan office, creating a space where you can just get on with things isn’t always easy to do.

Let’s explore some ways to avoid getting stuck in a quagmire or distractions and avoid the more unproductive workdays.

These are our productivity hacks for distraction-free working…

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