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The Website Design Principles You May Not Be Aware Of

Design inspiration, trends and more as we near the end of 2020. Website design principles are a constant yet ever changing part of the wonderful illustrations, images and experiences we have online. Where at one time gradients were widely used...

Improve the QA process with this simple bug reporting template

What is “done” when you’re referring to bug tracking? What’s “done” for one person in the QA process could be “in-progress” for another. Without a process in place, bug tracking can be a downright chore. It doesn’t take long for inconsistencies in reporting to lead to follow-up emails, bugs getting left behind and the QA process resembling more of a “free for all” than a defined system.

3 ways to customise BugHerd to suit your team

Whether you’re a seasoned BugHerd lover or a relative newbie, there’s always room for tips to make gathering feedback easier. Today we’re looking at three ways you can customise BugHerd to better suit the way your team works. 1. Customise...