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You wanted to customise your workflow?

You’re now able to add, edit, reorder and delete columns on your Project board(s). This is by far the most requested improvement, so we’re very happy to be able to deliver this to all who have waited so patiently. Find out more...

Should startup teams do daily standups?

A common ritual in software and startup teams is a daily, or weekly standup, huddle or scrum or whatever you wish to call it. It generally means the team (part or whole) has a designated time to all stand-up and communicate. But why should you do a standup (or not)?

✨ Happy Holidays ✨

Thanks for being part of a super successful 2019 and we hope you have a wonderful festive season, wherever and however you celebrate. See you in 2020! 💙

BugHerd + Zapier = 💯

You can connect BugHerd with 1,500+ other apps. We've updated our Zapier app with more triggers & actions than ever before. It's now super fast, reliable and simplified.

Tools that make BugHerd better

There are some products, that are exceptional at helping us build our software and do our jobs more effectively. These are some of the products we absolutely love, recommend and want to encourage others to try. Our visual feedback tool wouldn’t be what it is today without them....

How to submit the perfect bug report

“Our website is broken! Please fix it right away, we’re losing business!” I’m sure that every Dev or Designer has had a client or PM who has asked them to set everything aside to fix their ‘broken website’ . “It’s...

Pausefest 2016 – Creative & Tech

What started as a pretty small, niche digital and startup event a few years ago has expanded into a beast of an event in a relatively small amount of time. About 5 years ago I attended the first PauseFest which catered to...

Above All Human 2016

A small group of the Bugherd team attended the inaugural Melbourne ‘Above All Human’ Conference, presented by Startup Victoria in 2015. We left the event feeling inspired, passionate about being involved in the startup community and positive about the fact...