Author: Alan Downie

How making sourdough is the same as making a startup

How making sourdough is EXACTLY the same as making a startup.

TikTok lipsyncing, the quest for the perfect zoom background, people injecting disinfectant, and memes… thousands upon thousands of memes. Isolation has done a lot of weird things to people.

But one oddity has risen above all the rest (pun most definitely intended), homebrew sourdough. Here’s why it’s exactly like making a startup…

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taking a look under the hood

Why customer support shouldn’t be limited to one person

Customer support shouldn’t be limited to just one person.

Solving problems for your customers shouldn’t be limited to one team member, in fact it’s a surefire way to reduce empathy for customer problems within the rest of the team.

Here’s why we think you should aim to get your entire team onto solving customer’s problems…

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Splitrock Studio

Introducing Splitrock Studio

A lot has changed at BugHerd, and we wanted to get you up to date with some important changes.

Recently BugHerd’s parent company, Macropod Software Pty Ltd, has changed name to Splitrock Studio Pty Ltd.

Find out what this means for BugHerd customers and for our future.

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Team members surrounded by virtual tasks

Why you should run a Bug Bash program

It may seem that bug testing is the sole responsibility of developers. But more and more, teams are finding that additional value can be extracted by involving the entire company. If the first real user of your product is a paying customer, you may have missed an opportunity to uncover issues in your software before it gets in their hands.

That’s where a company-wide Bug Bash can help.

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BugHerd loves remote teams

The benefits and challenges of working globally Having a geographically dispersed team can be challenging. Especially when you’re collaborating, and especially when you’re in different

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Startmate Demo Day 2016

It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years since Matt and I were out there pushing the funding wheelbarrow around for BugHerd. Back then he

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