Easily track website and software bugs with BugHerd.

Tired of working with vague website feedback? BugHerd pins feedback directly onto elements on a page with a simple point and click, giving you all the context and technical information you need to troubleshoot website and software bugs.

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Why BugHerd is widely regarded as the best bug detector

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Bug captured with a simple point and click.

BugHerd pins website feedback directly to page elements, making it incredibly easy to use for your clients.

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Technical info from non-technical people.

Website feedback captured with BugHerd provides a complete screen snapshot, with info such as screen resolution, browser, OS & CSS selector data and more.

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Collect and manage website and software bugs in one place.

Website and software bugs are sent directly to BugHerd's kanban-style Task Board.

You can use BugHerd as a standalone bug reporter, or you can send your BugHerd feedback to other issue tracking software such as JIRA and Basecamp, via Zapier integration.

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"There are few tools that are loved by clients, the developers and managers. BugHerd gives everyone clarity and is actually fun to use."

Sasha Shevelev
Webcoda Co-Founder